Lizveth Salander
  • Age:
    317 yers old
  • Height:
    5' 5"
Crazy Asian MILF that really enjoys sucking random cocks. Lizveth had never been to a gloryhole before, but was involved in a mini gangbang with her boyfriend.

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Lizveth's First Visit to Gloryhole (Full)
This full video features Lizveth's first visit to the gloryhole. During her visit, she sucked off seven different guys and was covered in cum.
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Second Visit: Lizveth Salander Shoot (Full)
In this full length video, Lizveth makes her return to the glory hole with Mike. They have a short interesting conversation in the car, where Lizveth admits to fucking her brother's girlfriend. While in the booth, she sucked off eight random strangers, got soaked in cum, and enjoyed every minute. Mike...