Vikki Vandal
  • Age:
    22 yers old
  • Height:
  • Cup Size:
    34 C
Vikki Vandal is a rocker chick that loves to suck dick. She is a self-proclaimed horn dog, that typically only likes girls and eating pussy. Vikki claimed that she has sucked multiple dicks before, but nothing like what she experienced at the gloryhole.

Vikki Vandal Updates

Vikki Vandal First Visit (Full)
Vikki wants to suck at least 5 for her first time at the gloryhole. She tells Mike she likes girls as well and maybe will have a scene with a friend in the future and we'll get to watch them suck dicks together. Maybe in the future but today is all Vikki! She takes off her shirt and shows off her...
140 Photos, 47 min of video
Second Visit: Vikki Vandal Second Trip (Full)
In this full length video, Vikki meets up with Mike for her second visit to the gloryhole. She really enjoyed her first trip to the booth and had a craving for more cocks. Vikki hoped that she would get to suck off over four random strangers on this visit. Luckily for her, there were five guys lurking...
285 Photos, 99 min of video